1. Can I come in just for my nails to be trimmed?

    Yes, a lot of our clients attend the clinic simply to have their nails cut and filed. We'll also take care of any skin or nail problems (callus, fungal nails etc.)

  2. Do I need a referral?

    No. Unless you are eligible for a Team Care Arrangement plan, which would entitle you to a Medicare rebate. This is something you would need to discuss with your GP. 

  3. How long does the appointment go for?

    Our standard consults are 30 minutes long. We also offer short or long consults, if required.

  4. Can I claim with my private health fund on the day?

    Yes. If your private health cover includes podiatry then you can just pay the out of pocket gap after your appointment. 

  5. Can you help with hip or back pain?

    Sometimes. Foot posture affects leg alignment and pelvis position. Therefore it's possible that by correcting your foot posture you may experience relief in other parts of your body.

  6. I have an ingrown toenail, will I need nail surgery?

    Probably not. In the vast majority of cases ingrown toenails can be resolved conservatively, just in a standard consult. However we can perform nail surgery to permanently remove the ingrowing border, in persistent cases. 

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