Man pressing his foot into a foot mold for a custom orthotic print of his foot


Mount Eliza & Mornington Peninsula Area

Not all feet are created out of the same mold, so it makes sense that a prefabricated orthotic will not fit as perfectly as a custom made orthotic that was created just for you.

Here at Step Ahead Podiatry we take the utmost care in making sure the fit is exactly right. This involves the process of a biomechanical assessment as part of the service to make sure we know exactly what the issues are and how to provide the support you will need.

With our partners at Footwork Podiatric Laboratory we are able to use the latest in 3D printing technology to produce our custom orthotics. This allows us to craft orthotics to a level not possible with traditional techniques, which will have you feeling the difference!

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Podiatrist showing an orthotic to a patient in the podiatry clinic


Mount Eliza & Mornington Peninsula Area


Mount Eliza & Mornington Peninsula Area

Not everyone needs or can afford custom orthotics, so we stock a variety of prefabricated orthotics that mainly target midfoot support.

Your podiatric issue may be temporary and you only need an orthotic for your recovery, or maybe you are just trying out using an orthotic to see how it goes before you commit to a custom one.

Whatever the reason may be, we have an extensive range on hand that allows our podiatrist to find the perfect fit for you!

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man choosing between prefabricated orthotics
woman trying out prefabricated orthotics
overhead picture of prefabricated orthotics
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Well look no further!

We stock the famous Archies arch support thong (and slips).

Find more information on this fantastic product along with colours and sizes below.

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